📢 Please note that the Bank is inviting applications for the supply and delivery of goods and services for the 2023 financial year. Download Forms here.
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Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

Our mission is "to make people's lives better through modern and simplified technology using technology and partnerships". We believe this mission can only be achieved through a strong workforce that is bent on giving customers a great experience.

MyBucks has once won an award from the Bankers' Association of Malawi (BAM) for being the best bank to offer training to its staff as a way of equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable MyBucks in strategy execution. If you are looking to grow further in your career, be assured of getting the best skills from our training programs. Our focus is on achievement, accountability, speed, delivery, discipline, and transparency to produce outstanding results. If you value making an impact on people's lives, MyBucks is the right choice of employer for you.


The bank reviews your salary in line with the cost of living adjustment.

Working from Home

ou will work in shifts during the Covid-19 and be adequately equipped to work from home!


We have a well-established business continuity structure which ensures our members of staff take their leave days appropriately.


The bank believes in driving trainings in every department in order to close knowledge gaps that may happen to exist.

Open Positions

There are currently no open positions. Please check with us later